Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of software is AnyCase?

AnyCase is an online case management, reporting and billing system. As a web-based program, customers can access the system anywhere that they have a connection to the internet. AnyCase allows customers to monitor client appointments, manage case activity and run reports to review detail and summary data.


2. What is a source code solution?

AnyCase is source code software solution, meaning that KidsVoice will provide and license the source code for the software for your own use. Your office will then have the flexibility to configure or customize the software and manage the hosting, IT and support in a way that best suits your operation. While KidsVoice does not provide ongoing support or hosting, we can connect you with other users and offices to learn how they have approached their individual hosting, support and customization of the software.


3. What are the user hardware and software requirements?

Requirements include the use of a standard personal or laptop computer, a current version of a full-featured internet browser and a reliable broadband internet connection. Your office also will need a server to host the application and Microsoft SQL user licenses, or you can us an outside hosting provider as many other customers have.


4. Do individual users need to install or keep any programs updated to start or maintain using AnyCase?

Yes. You will need to ensure that you have a current, full-featured, version of a web browser program. We recommend Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.


5. What types of cases can AnyCase be used for?

AnyCase is adaptable and it can used for many different case types including dependency, delinquency, custody, guardianship, probate, mental health and paternity. Contact us to learn more about other qualifying fields.